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Finding Pet-Friendly Housing in Miami-Dade County

It can be tough to find an apartment or rental home in Miami-Dade County that is pet friendly. Follow these tips to make sure that when you move, you never have to leave your pet behind!   Do your research  There are some great websites for finding dog and cat friendly homes for rent in […]

Creating a Smooth Adoption for Your Rescue Pet

Prepare your supplies Before bringing your rescue pet home, make sure you have all the supplies you need and place them accordingly. This will make their introduction to their new home smoother as they will know from the start where they will eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom. For a rescue cat, you may […]

5 Things to Do Before Surrendering Your Pet to A Shelter

Did you foster or adopt a new pet during the stay-at-home mandates of COVID-19? Taking care of a pet requires an ongoing commitment of time and resources, especially as a new pet owner learns what it takes to look after your furry four-legged friend. However, if you’ve adopted a pet and begin to face some […]

4 Ways to Save on Pet Care

For many of us, money is tight these days. The global pandemic has led to large-scale layoffs, unexpected medical bills, and other life stressors. While pets are getting more of our time and attention, the cost of taking care of them can be an added financial burden when we are already tightening our belts.  Here […]

Is your pet at risk for the COVID-19 virus?

These days, the COVID-19 outbreak is at the top of everyone’s mind, and for good reason. We are all adapting to our new realities and the changes that have come with them. There are many questions that people are still looking for answers to, and many pet owners are left asking, “Can my pet get […]

So you’re fostering a pet. Now what?

Above all, your responsibility as a foster home is to provide a safe and loving home for your new foster pet. This can mean many things from providing proper care for your foster pet to helping your foster pet get adopted into a safe, loving, forever home.  So what can you do to help your […]

How animal shelters are adapting to life with COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak has forever changed our lives and we’re already seeing effects of this everywhere.  We are all figuring out how to continue living our lives while maintaining safe social distancing and living some of our lives digitally. Animal shelters are no different in this regard. So, how are animal shelters adjusting to the […]