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Pet Obesity

Pet obesity is a prevalent threat to many animals’ good health. According to the Association for Pet Obesity, it is estimated that 60% of cats and 56% of dogs were overweight or obese in the United States in 2018. That’s more than one-in-two! While it may seem harmless or even “cute” if your pet has […]

Six Key Ways to Keep Your Pets Healthy

Many people treat their pets like family–which is the only way that we at FoMA see them! However, unconditional love and affection alone are not enough to ensure their total health. We tend to overlook the fact that our pets, like us, have the capacity to become sick and can be at risk for a […]

Back to Work (or school)? Here’s How to Help Your Pet Adjust

As many of us begin to make the transition back to in-person work and school, our pets may be left with newly-developed separation anxiety. If you are concerned about how your pet will respond to your change in routine, you’re not alone.While you four-legged friends have probably loved having you home during quarantine and soaking […]

Summer Safety Tips for Dogs

Although this summer looks drastically different from the ones we are used to, for our pets it still holds many of the same adventures they relish. Here in South Florida, some pups love to take a dip in the pool or in the ocean at the dog beach, spend more time outside in the backyard, […]

5 Questions to Consider For Picking the Right Pet

Choosing to bring a pet into your life is an important decision. Adding a furry member to your family will change how you spend your time, your money, and you may even need to make changes to how your home is set up to accommodate your pet.  So, if you’ve already evaluated your decision carefully […]

Finding Pet-Friendly Housing in Miami-Dade County

It can be tough to find an apartment or rental home in Miami-Dade County that is pet friendly. Follow these tips to make sure that when you move, you never have to leave your pet behind!   Do your research  There are some great websites for finding dog and cat friendly homes for rent in […]

Creating a Smooth Adoption for Your Rescue Pet

Prepare your supplies Before bringing your rescue pet home, make sure you have all the supplies you need and place them accordingly. This will make their introduction to their new home smoother as they will know from the start where they will eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom. For a rescue cat, you may […]