honoring rainbow bridge remembrance day

Honoring Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

On August 28th, Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day, we celebrate the lives of dogs and other pets that we loved and lost. While the passing of a beloved furry friend can be tremendously hard, the Rainbow Bridge extends the hope of reuniting with our furry friends after we too have moved on. If you are struggling with the loss of a pet, or one of your four-legged friends is nearing this difficult stage, we have some ideas to help you memorialize them and keep their memory alive.

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Celebrating Your Pet on Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day:

1. Hold a Ceremony in Remembrance: Sometimes, in the process of losing a pet, things happen so fast and emotions become so overwhelming that the idea of holding a memorial service is either impractical or unbearable. Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day offers the perfect opportunity to set aside some time to make it up. The ceremony you hold doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, just a chance to really slow down and take some time to remember all of the wonderful times you shared with your pet, celebrating their life and companionship. 

2. Spend Time With Loved Ones: As painful as the loss of our furry friends can be, talking about the great memories you made with your pet can help heal your heart. Being around others who also knew your four-legged friend, and reminiscing about all of their great qualities and the times you spent together, is an essential step in the grieving process. And, an important part of truly honoring your pet’s life. They wouldn’t want you to only remember the end. You can even share your stories with us-as your fellow animal lovers, we are always happy to share in the love! Reach out to us via Instagram or Facebook and tell us what you loved most about your furry friend. 

3. Find a Creative Outlet: Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist, participating in the creation of art can be a therapeutic process. So, on Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day, consider creating some form of art in memory of your pet. It doesn’t have to be gallery-quality, and it doesn’t even have to be visual. You could create a story, song, poem, or other form of media. The main idea is to use this time to creatively express yourself and your love for your pet. Take your time with it and lean in to the calming and restorative process associated with remembering your pets in this way.

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4. Create a Tribute: Having something professionally made in remembrance of your pet is always a great way to memorialize them as well. This could come in the form of a painting based off of a photograph, a piece of jewelry that reminds you of them, or even a picture in your wallet. Some people also choose to get a memory of their four-legged friend tattooed on them as a forever form of tribute. Whichever form you choose, all tributes are a great way to honor your pet every day.  

5. Visit the Rainbow Bridge Online and Create a Digital Memorial: The Rainbow Bridge is an online memorial area and grief support community where you can pay tribute to your pet in a digital memorial that will live on forever. The website offers many different options to help you memorialize your pet and different products you can purchase to help you along the way. In addition to all of these great resources, a portion of the proceeds from all purchases made on the website go to no-kill animal rescue shelters. 

6. Consider Adopting: The pain of loss can be overwhelming, and sometimes it scares us away from wanting to open up our homes (and hearts) again. But, when you’re ready, adopting another furry friend could be a great way to honor the love you shared with your pet. The companionship we are able to find in our pets is indescribable and, once you have experienced it, to go a day without it is challenging. There are so many animals out there that need a good, loving home. While there will never be a replacement for the pet that you loved and lost, there could be room for new love. Just think about it. And if you decide you want to, visit our website to learn more about how you could adopt today. 

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