Collaboration and Care Unites Passionate Leaders for Animal Services

Yolanda’s visionary and compassionate leadership led her to launch her nonprofit, Friends of Miami Animals Foundation (FOMA), whose mission is to save and improve the lives of homeless pets. FoMA is leading the way towards the elimination of pet homelessness and suffering in Miami-Dade County by addressing underlying issues contributing to pet overpopulation and abandonment. Through partnerships, spay and neuter programs, volunteer and foster initiatives, as well as public awareness and education, FoMA is a leader in animal welfare in our community.

Moncler Celebrates Friends of Miami Animals Foundation

Moncler hosted a VIP event at their Bal Harbour destination to preview the limited-edition Poldo Dog Couture Capsule collection and toast a first look at the stylish, pastel-hued spring-summer ready-to-wear collection. In collaboration with Friends of Miami Animals Foundation, president and founder Yolanda Berkowitz, along with Angela Birdman, Davina Dresbach, Iman Hasan, Jennifer Diliz and Moncler Bal Habour director Dmitriy Bendoym co-hosted furry and fashionable two and four-legged friends among Moncler Bal Harbour’s newly expanded boutique.

FoMA Pet Food Distribution on May 23, 2023

On May 23rd, a collaborative effort took place between several organizations to address the needs of pet owners in the community. FoMA, an animal welfare non-profit, joined forces with Chewy, a pet food company, the Animal Welfare Club of Miami-Dade College of Homestead, This Is The Dog, another non-profit organization, Farmshare, and the Humane Society of the United States. Their mission was to distribute over 3,000 pounds of pet food to individuals facing financial constraints.

The event showcased the power of community collaboration and a shared commitment to animal welfare. By combining the resources and expertise of these diverse organizations, they were able to make a substantial impact. Pet owners who may have been struggling to provide for their beloved companions were given much-needed support, ensuring that both pets and their owners could continue to thrive together.

The initiative not only focused on addressing the immediate needs of pet owners but also aimed to raise awareness about the importance of animal welfare. By joining forces, the organizations demonstrated the strength of unity and the positive change that can be achieved when like-minded individuals and groups work together towards a common goal. Through their joint efforts, they fostered a sense of compassion and community, showing that no one should have to choose between feeding themselves or their furry friends.


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