Why FoMA?

Since 2016, FoMA has been the leader in animal welfare issues in Miami-Dade County. We build effective programs, establish meaningful collaborations, and engage the community to save and improve the lives of homeless pets. However, there are dozens—if not hundreds—of animal welfare and rescue organizations across South Florida. So you might be wondering, why create one more—what makes FoMA different?

The answer is simple: while many organizations are focused on rescuing homeless pets from our county’s streets and shelters, very few—if any—other organizations are addressing the root of the problem of pet homelessness in Miami-Dade County. 

Here are some ways we do that:


FoMA recruits volunteers 

Miami-Dade Animal Services is an open-intake shelter, meaning they take in strays on our streets, give safe haven to confiscated pets and take owner surrendered pets. Because of this, the shelter has more than 400 homeless animals in its care at any given time. FoMA, in response, supports Miami-Dade Animal Services by bringing in more than 300 new service volunteers every year, allowing the shelter to support and care for these abandoned and neglected animals. 

FoMA Volunteers at Work - FoMA Pets.

FoMA supports adoption efforts

Despite these hard-working volunteers, many animals go unadopted. Extended stays by animals increase stress and illness, making it more difficult to find permanent homes for these animals. FoMA funds play yards for the shelter’s pets, supports enrichment activities to increase positive interactions between homeless pets and people, alleviating shelter stress and helping prepare animals for life in a forever home.

Playful Dog - FoMA Pets

FoMA champions spay and neuter efforts

FoMA and Miami-Dade Animal Services make an effort to help as many homeless animals as possible. However, there are far more homeless pets on the streets of Miami-Dade County than can fit in the shelter, or that can be taken in by rescue groups. Approximately 5,000 stray pets are found annually by Good Samaritans and another 5,000 stray pets are picked up annually by animal control officers. 

To help curb the homeless population, FoMA provides funding for spay and neuter services to over 2,000 pets annually. We do this by working in conjunction with and providing funding to other organizations such as The Humane Society of Greater Miami and the City of Miami Beach Cat Project. 


FoMA cares for pets of low-income households

FoMA also understands that pet healthcare can be difficult for low-income households. Each year, over 500 pets are surrendered to Miami-Dade Animal Services due to unaffordable or neglected routine medical care. FoMA is working to combat this by sponsoring a new mobile medical unit that will provide access to routine care for low-income pets, enabling owners to keep their pets.

Experienced Veterinarian - FoMA Pets

FoMA is a megaphone for the community

Through targeted community messaging on social media, its website, email, and events, FoMA engages our community across diverse segments on the topic of animal welfare. Through its social media efforts alone, FoMA is able to educate more than 1,000 Miami-Dade County residents every day on the importance of pet adoption, volunteer, and foster efforts. FoMA also engages the community at the corporate level by forging partnerships between our county shelter and other entities, including The United Way, Wings of Rescue, The Underline, and Apple Inc. 

It takes a village for FoMA to operate, and we still need the support of our community to continue our work. Please consider donating, or find out how you can get involved, by exploring our website or on social media at @fomapets.


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