Finding Pet-Friendly Housing in Miami-Dade County

It can be tough to find an apartment or rental home in Miami-Dade County that is pet friendly. Follow these tips to make sure that when you move, you never have to leave your pet behind!


Do your research 

There are some great websites for finding dog and cat friendly homes for rent in Miami. Sites like Adobo, ApartmentList, and My New Place, all have pet-friendly filters so you can narrow down your search to find the perfect home. A great resource for finding more websites like this is the Animal Humane Society. They have an entire page dedicated to finding pet friendly homes so you can keep your pet during a move. 


Build a pet resume

For a landlord who is on the fence about allowing a pet in their complex, you can put a resume together for your dog or cat. By giving them an opportunity to learn more about your pet and their behavior, you can help them make a decision based on the facts about your pet rather than a previous experience which may have colored their opinion. This will also help begin open and honest communication with your landlord. You can gather references from friends and family who know your pet as well as include pictures to help seal the deal. Emphasize it if they are potty trained and if they have taken obedience classes, since these are main concerns landlords face when debating if they should allow pets in their rental property. Including proof that your dog is trained by attaching a certificate of graduation or proof of class enrollment to their “resume” can help as well. 

Pet Resume - FoMA Pets

Consider different types of buildings

Newer buildings will often have rent specials and are pet-friendly. They want to appeal to a younger demographic and will likely be willing to negotiate to allow your four-legged family members to come with you. Don’t waste your time on buildings that are not pet-friendly. All that effort can be put to use in looking for pet friendly locations that fit yours and your pet’s needs.

Golden Retriever - FoMA Pets

Pay a pet deposit

If you can, offer to pay a pet deposit in case of any damages caused by your pet. This may convince landlords to allow you to move in. Many property owners can be weary of damages whether it be from a previous bad experience or precaution. By ensuring you will cover any costs that may occur, they may be swayed your way. 


Build references

Show the landlord that you are a responsible tenant. A letter of reference from your current landlord stating your accountability and good behavior could go a long way. A letter from your vet vouching that you care for your pet and that they are updated on all of their vaccinations may also contribute to making your case.

Sleepy Cat - FoMA Pets

Introduce them to your landlord 

By introducing your rescue pet to the potential landlord, you’re being given the opportunity to show a well-groomed and well-behaved pet. They will also be able to see how well you can control and interact with your pet. You may even be able to invite them to your current home so they can see the level of cleanliness and conditions that you live in. 


Yes—it can be hard to find pet-friendly housing in Miami-Dade County, but with determination, and creativity, it can be done! Never leave your pet behind because you had to move.

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