Adopting a shelter pet is an exciting and fulfilling experience. Not only will you be helping an animal in need of a loving home, you’ll be gaining a new family member. However, it’s important to pet-proof your home, get their space set up with the essentials, and do a little research before bringing home a rescue pet.

With Adopt a Shelter Pet Day just around the corner, we reached out to experts all across the country – from San Francisco, CA to Houston, TX (and even St. Catherines, ON) – for their best advice to help you prepare your home for your new pet. Here’s how to make the transition from shelter to forever home as seamless as possible for your new furry friend:

First things first: pet-proof your home

Store away hazardous household items

Never underestimate your pet’s abilities. Newly adopted pets will want to explore their new surroundings, and they can get into a lot of trouble quickly. Chemicals and human food can be very harmful if consumed. You can reduce exposure to harmful household items by keeping counters free of food, medications, lotions, etc., and closing trash cans and toilet seats. You should also be mindful of wires, clothing items, and houseplants. Doing your homework ahead of time will help you prepare for a successful homecoming. – Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter 

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