Foster pets on their way to forever homes and you are not only helping the pets you foster, but you also make room for another pet in need of safe haven in the shelter. Fostering is a wonderful way to experience pet ownership without the forever commitment of a pet of your own and may even serve to help you decide to bring a furry, four-legged friend into your family.

Why do pets need to be fostered?

  • age/growth – animals that are too young or underweight to be placed for adoption right away.
  • behavior – shy or timid animals that need help gaining confidence or learning good manners to help prepare them for a happy, long life in their new home.
  • medical – animals that need to recover from an illness or injury before they’re able to be placed in a home.
  • adding to life-saving capacity – every animal placed in a foster home frees up space in our shelter for more animals, increasing the capacity to save lives!

General Requirements for Fostering

  • Must be 18 years old or older.
  • Must be willing to commit to housing a pet for as long as it takes to find the pet a home.
  • Must be willing to transport the pet to and from veterinary appointments as needed.
  • Attend a Foster Orientation or complete an online training with the rescue you are paired with.
  • Must be able to transport your foster pet to outside adoption events as needed.
  • Your owned pets residing in the home must be up to date on vaccines and sterilized and also able to cohabitate with your foster pet.